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School Consultation

  1. Individual diagnostic assessments of students are performed in the student’s school.  I meet with school staff members, including teachers, guidance counselors, social workers and psychologists, to discuss staff concerns.  I observe the student in the classroom to assess functioning and engagement.  I then meet with the family as well as with the student.  Diagnostic feedback is provided to the family as well as to the school, and treatment recommendations are given to the family.  A complete diagnostic report is provided.

  2. Feedback is provided to the school concerning optimal strategies and interventions to use in the classroom to address the student’s mental health issues.

  3. Participation at CSE meetings.

  4. Threat assessment, including violence assessment and suicidality.

  5. Staff development to address mental health issues facing schools, optimal classroom and teaching strategies to improve the social/emotional functioning of students, and school-wide interventions to create positive school climate.

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